I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped. 


"I was dealing with impingement syndrome last year in both shoulders and was in physical therapy for about four months. I was unable to golf most of the season & my drumming became very painful. I had a flare up this spring and a friend recommended Anna to me. Not only did she discover the problem but she knew exactly how to treat it. In two sessions my posture has improved drastically, Im standing taller and my playing is actually better. I can see beginnings of muscular development in my pecs and shoulders that I have not seen in a very, very long time. Im more flexible now as a result of my muscles being stretched and lengthened... Highly recommended!!!"

-N. D. (Hamden)

"Anna is amazing!  I have a “high mileage” body. With injuries, a stressful job, and a very active lifestyle, my body can end up in a lot of knots and tight areas which are painful and mobility-limiting. After Anna works her magic, I am relaxed and pain free. She has also worked wonders for my riding position. As a dressage rider, I need to have the relaxation in my back, shoulders and legs and freedom to move my legs independently. In literally one session she helped improve my leg position a hundredfold. 100% recommend her to athletes looking to improve their posture and game and or those looking to relieve tension and feel better!"

- K. C. (Guilford)

"My massage with Anna was PURE BLISS. She is MAGNIFICENT at her craft and I was so excited she could fit me in. No matter your ails or stress level, Anna will help. I will be seeing her again and again!!"

- K. F. (Branford)    

"Best massage I've ever gotten. I've had back problems for years and Anna has done wonders for my back.  After physical Therapy, pain killers, and cortisone shots none have given me nearly as much relief as Anna. I am able to do much more with my kids because of Anna.  Strongly recommend!!!" 

- C. M. (Branford)

"I pulled my back six times in one month from stress and over exertion, Anna finally gave me relief and a break from the pain killers and muscle relaxers I was prescribed. What can I say, the woman is a miracle worker."

-J. F. (East Haven)

"Anna is very knowledgeable and intuitive in her practice, fusing Reiki with massage to really hone in and help heal the muscles. I HIGHLY recommend her!"

-A. F. (Branford)